How to Choose a Game Console

Quite often, both computer game lovers themselves and parents who want to make a good gift for their child, find themselves at a crossroads: what to buy, a full-fledged gaming computer or a game console? This question is complicated by the fact that if everyone is more or less familiar with computers nowadays, then game consoles for many ordinary people remain a real terra incognita. They are rarely written outside the specialized press, they have not yet become as widespread as PCs, but for some reason the majority of their owners only smile condescendingly in response to the question “do you want to return to games on the computer”, making it clear that never and never will change your favorite console.

Type of game console

Beginner players often doubt their choice: which is more convenient – a handheld or a standard device? Which of the game consoles is better to choose?

Stationary. A traditional console, such as a SONY PlayStation 4 connected to a television set, is the classic version preferred by most game fans. Its undeniable advantage is the possibility of participation in the game of several players at once, and the large screen of the TV perfectly reproduces the slightest graphic nuances of the game action. To control the game is quite convenient – in addition to the standard gamepad, the player can connect other controls: a gun, a steering wheel, and pedals.

Portable. A portable version of a gaming device, such as the Nintendo Switch, will help you to decorate a boring long road or with excitement to spend your free time on a business trip or on vacation. Of course, compared to the stationary model, these small devices lose control and screen sizes, but functionally they are considered worthy competitors to standard consoles. Most of them have a Wi-Fi module, support for some instant messengers and a good media center. Recharging the gadget lasts for several hours of gameplay, and the quality of graphics in modern mobile devices is quite satisfied with the players. Will the future development of handheld consoles be promising – time will tell, as the leading manufacturers of smartphones have done everything to transfer portable gaming to the mobile gadget platform.

Game Console Manufacturers

Among gamers, the best developers are three “sharks” in this direction:

  • Sony;
  • Microsoft;
  • Nintendo.

A key confrontation broke out between Sony with its PlayStation consoles and Microsoft with an Xbox gaming device. But the firm Nintendo, the progenitor of all gaming products, is in third place in this battle.

Comparing the versions of consoles of the new generation of leading developers, one can note the key advantages of each of them.

1. Sony confidently holds the lead in the release of classic consoles. The sophisticated and minimalist design of the stationary version of the PlayStation 4 is combined with powerful technological and graphical functionality that confidently pushed this console into sales champions. Improved software and improved performance allows you to play games in exceptional quality, clearly presented in the version of the SONY PlayStation 4 Pro.

PlayStation 4 Pro

2. Microsoft’s latest tech project – Xbox One X was announced as the most impressive gaming product in history. The first advantage that gamers appreciate is the amazing graphics, which is not surprising: the developers are very close to the stated 4K resolution. Due to this game, we received more vivid picture details and an increase in the drawing distance.

One X

3. But the company Nintendo went a new way – its latest creation, the Nintendo Switch surprised gamers with versatility. The game console, similar to a tablet with removable controllers, was highly appreciated by users. This did not prevent even the fact that the device is inferior in power and screen size to competing consoles. The prefix has combined a portable and stationary version. It is also convenient to take with you on the road, as well as fully used in conjunction with a TV. The manufacturer made a breakthrough by choosing this format of the new generation game console.


With such a large selection of game consoles on the market, there is something suitable for each player. Regardless of what your budget or what games you like, you can be sure that there is a suitable game console for you.

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