Red Dirt Devil Vacuum Cleaner

dirt devil

I had an older model of Dirt Devil hand vac, which has served me well for many years. When the roller brush finally died, I decided it was time for a new – this time with a hose. I could not make a better choice. The cleavage tool is so skinny that it hits right into the crevices in my car, like no other cleft tool, at least like no other crevice tool on my big vertical vacuum. Just a pity that it can not be stored on board, like a hose.

The cord is nice and long, and they have improved the design from past years by incorporating a storage belt.

Dirt Devil Hand Vacuum

So i bought the original royal dirt devil hand vacuum about 30 years ago. Have been using it for my car. Decided to buy this next generation and must say that it is every bit as impressive as the original. The original has 1 speed, this one has 2, low and high. Philips is the head screw driver. Reading these reviews people say it’s loud. This vacuum is no louder than any. It does an amazing job on carpet, tile, hardwood, and linoleum. Do you want to wipe your carpet? Or do you want a kick ass little vacuum that will do the job and honestly in many cases a better job than a full size upright. I am 50 years old bought my first one when I was 20, and still using it, and now 30 years later buying my second. I am pretty confident I will not buy another in my lifetime, these vacuums are that good. I bought this for $ 25.00 and got it in 2 days using prime. Cheap little stick brooms that have very little suction are $ 40.00 plus at Walmart

The other reviewers aren’t kidding, this little thing is LOUD, so much louder than a regular sized vacuum that I have to put on a pair of earmuffs so it doesn’t hurt my ears. But Dirt Devil is simply the best. I grew up with an older model of one of these things, and this newest version hasn’t disappointed me yet.

I actually primarily got this for bugs! I am not the “bug-getting person”, I am the “person who gets the bug-getting person”, so I wanted a way to deal with bugs myself. And so I needed a handheld vacuum with a bag, as the vacuums with the plastic chamber you empty just will not cut it. This does what I wanted and now I also have an incredible vacuum!

Having to tether yourself to an outlet is worth it because this is like the sports car of handheld vacuums, and at this price, well worth it if you have a pair of earplugs or earmuffs, that is!

Excellent Service

Finally I ordered the new Dirt Devil after 20 years of excellent service. The old one still worked, but I broke the outer shell, and the guard no longer stayed. The new is a disappointment. The metal casing has been removed, and the plastic casing has become much thinner. This is a much cheaper version of Dirt Devil, which I knew and loved. One good blow in the plinth would do it for sure.

Dirt Devil Hand Vacuum

This little thing solved the problem of cat hair, which drove my wife crazy. I have cats, and with this come cat hair on the furniture. My wife was going crazy, trying to protect furniture from cat hair. We tried the brush that should have been for this, it sucked, then we tried the brushes for the lint, they worked better, but the ones that I bought were cheap and fell apart. Then we got it! It not only solved the problem, it was useful in clearing up unrest, which would be very difficult to clean with our great vacuum. I am very pleased with this little vacuum, 5 stars! Awesome little vac.

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