How to make a table for a wood router

Any master can independently make a table for a manual wood router(router reviews you could find here), video materials and ready-made drawings in the network is enough for even a beginner to cope with this task.

To work will require:

  • wooden bars with square section (4 pieces).
  • plywood and chipboard.
  • fasteners (hinges, bolts, nuts, etc.).
  • jack.
  • metal profile.
  • steel plate 6 mm thick.
  • aluminum guides.
  • movable carriage-stop, which will serve as a guide.
  • wood router.

Instructions for making the table

table for a wood router

For the table will definitely need a drawing with the designation of the position of parts and their sizes. From the bars and chipboard scraps of the appropriate size, the supports are twisted, which will serve as legs for the table.

To increase the rigidity of the structure you need to install the plywood connecting panels horizontally. Right in the side of the table should cut a hole where the start button will appear on the router.

For the manufacture of countertops need to take chipboard. This part must be lifting, so you need to install the loop. You will also need to make an additional support base. The basis of the table for a manual mill is better to perform from plywood sheet, 15 mm thick.

Further, in the tabletop, you need to cut a groove intended for the guides of the movable stop. This should install a metal profile. In order to conveniently move the workpiece along the table, it is advisable to use a mobile carriage-stop. Instead, fit the guide from the saw.

For the manufacture of a longitudinal stop, you need to take chipboard. To ensure the mobility of this element should be cut perpendicular grooves in the upper part of the support, after which it should be attached to the countertop using retainers. A small groove is cut in the middle. It will be used for recycling chips and other particles that are formed during the milling process.

Then you need to assemble a box of thin plywood with a hole designed to connect the vacuum cleaner through a hose. This unit will give shavings and dust. The box is fixed behind the perpendicular stop. After that, a metal plate with a thickness of 6 mm is screwed to the tabletop so that their levels coincide. There will be installed wood router.

The tool is attached to the bottom of the plate for the aluminum sole. For fixing, you can use bolts for which holes must first be drilled. This method of fastening is convenient for replacing the nozzles and saves milling depth.

Using a car jack, you need to design an elevator for the router. With it, you can control the height. From the router, it is necessary to remove the handles and fasten aluminum guides in their place, which subsequently need to be connected to the car jack.


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